We can provide you with peace of mind that all our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and totally safe to use around your family and pets.

Window Cleaning

Full Service Window Treatments

It is easy to think that window cleaning is an easy to tackle task, but it’s not. Before you try cleaning or call a professional consider what you want your end result to be, and then call professionals to get an estimate. We offer free estimates over the phone and on-site for full service window cleaning. We extract screens, wash them, clean sills, track service and wash and dry the window pane. Our service treatment can be for both residential and commercial clients.

Commercial Clients:

It’s very important for a business to maintain a clean look and windows are no exception. Studies have shown that the cleanliness of windows can be a make or break with sales, maintain your current customers and gain new clients with squeaky clean windows. We are a professional team at your service for your business, available at the most convenient time for you so as to not disturb the natural flow of your business. We are discreet and efficient in our work. If  you renovated or remodeled your workspace and your windows look dirty, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll bring them back to their brand new condition.

Residential Clients:

We are local professionals that will make your windows look flawless and crystal clear with no residue, so don’t worry about handling hard tasks like cleaning tracks and screens. Our friendly crew will work efficiently and give you top notch service with the best equipment to tackle the high, out-of-reach windows.

Solar Panel Services:

Solar panels can be a very efficient way to reduce the electric bill, however if it’s not fully clean it can reduce its effectiveness. These panels get dirty mainly from wind blown dust, pollen and raindrops. Take these 4 factors into consideration:
  1.  How often does it rain in my area?
  2. The tilt of your panels (the more horizontal, the dirtier)
  3. The amount of dust in your local area
  4. Rate of electricity in your area (The higher your bill, the more it makes sense to clean panels)
Check out your panels, if you see a visible film over your panels give us a call and we’ll clean them for you. Screen Repair: On top of window cleaning we offer affordable screen repair services and onsite evaluation of your screen. Our professional team will repair your screen so you won’t have to fully replace it.

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