We can provide you with peace of mind that all our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and totally safe to use around your family and pets.

Carpet Repair

New flooring for your home or business can be a very expensive investment, when you encounter carpet damage. That’s why we offer a visual inspection of the damage or aggressive odor of your carpet and will work on the best solution for you.


Replacing my Carpet:

Whether it is your style that has changed, odor that resides deep in the sub-flooring, or need new carpeting for new tenants then we can service all your needs. We have great prices because we don’t have a big bulky warehouse to charge you top dollar. We can get any carpeting and match anything the big box stores hold. We bring samples straight to the comfort of your own home to make a decision in private, and always provide you with a detailed estimate for you to make the most informed choice.


Repairing my Carpet:

Accidents happen all the time and there is nothing that we have not come across yet. Has your dog ripped a seam and now you fear you must replace the whole room? Did your children create a hole or some foreign substance is literally glued to the floor? Don’t worry we can patch your beautiful flooring seamlessly; we bring the highest knowledge and professional tools to give you the best quality results.



A slack or ripple in your carpet can be due to the carpet losing its grip with the tack strip. In this case we can re-stretch your carpet to the proper dimensions of the room to give you that just freshly laid carpet feel to your room.

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