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  • Posted December 16, 2015

How to Seal Your Hard Floors

This is a video of our technician Pablo doing a skillful job at sealing hard wood flooring. There are many flooring materials that can be sealed such as; VCT, Hard Wood, Linoleum, Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone, and many others. First, you must cleanse the hard surface of your flooring, but take heed in that there may be a specific way to properly cleanse your flooring prior to a sealer application. Using a microfiber head is most common in applying wax or sealer; you should always line your applicator bucket with plastic to keep the sealer and clean as possible during installation. Once you have applied a single coat of sealer or wax, allow to fully dry to see if you prefer a higher gloss shine by apply more than one coat.